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Together, let's build the
future of food.

bento box ia generated with natural products

What We Do

Food Concept
Product Strategy & Development

Is the core of what we do for clients.


Different from so many other programs, our strength is to bring the future into the present, taking ideas off paper with the strategic assertiveness and agility that the world imposes from the centrality of people and global challenges.


Food Ventures, together with Conexão.f (Fundepag), we have established and continue to maintain an open community aimed at enhancing the innovation and business ecosystem in the Brazilian food sector. This community, known as #food, has immense potential to address worldwide challenges in food production and serves as an excellent platform for networking, information sharing, and business opportunities.

Scenario Planning

Food Ventures assists food companies in researching, developing, and preparing for the future. We utilize a future scenario planning process to help clients understand how current innovation signals will shape potential futures. This empowers clients to anticipate opportunities and challenges that may arise in the next 5-10 years and implement strategies to succeed in the future.


We create futurist pop-ups experiences and dining experiences that bring the future of food to life. Our experiences use food and technology to tell stories about where we’ve been and where we’re going in the world of food.

Speaking &

The pace of change in food is accelerating and keeping up can be daunting. We create educational presentations/workshops or work directly as an part-time executive on food, business and innovation subjects that help companies better anticipate and prepare for a dynamic and ever-changing food environment.

Movimento Foods

Food Ventures is partnering with Singularity University and HSM to create a space for discussing the future of food. Movimento Foods is located at Learning Village, which is the first educational innovation hub in Brazil.


The movement brings together leading specialists and executives from companies that are driving the evolution of food offerings and consumer habits in Brazil.

Hello, I’m Augusto TΞrra

Here to take your Food Innovation to another level

Over the past decade, I have successfully established four businesses and played an active role in setting up SBF Ventures - an investment and strategy business unit for the largest sports group in Brazil (NIKE + CENTAURO).


My exceptional capability?

I am proficient in gathering comprehensive information and utilizing it to generate valuable insights, strategies, and business opportunities, and connecting individuals to expand their network. (#netweaving)

Additionally, I specialize in content creation, particularly in the areas of #innovation, #food, #creativity, and #futureoffood.

Picture from Augusto Terra speaking in a conference

Brands & Partnerships

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What People Are Saying

Too good! Great deals and amazing partners. It was a very positive exchange of experiences.

Gabriel Hennies - Webev

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