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Concept Food Products

Imagining the Future of Food.

The product concept methodology is a powerful tool that enables companies and individuals to navigate the impact of scientific discoveries, new technologies, and business innovations on their food-related decisions.


Through FoodVentures, we gather future signals for each product and categorize them into direct impact themes, briefings, and results. This allows us to reflect on potential paths to follow, ultimately leading us to create visions that offer future scenarios to address clients' challenges and add value to their businesses.

Café + Mate

How to take advantage of one of the most consumed drinks on a daily basis to add nutrients and health/


July, 2024


Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. It represents a daily routine, especially in the work environment. To increase the availability of biodiversity in ingredients, we are looking for ways to increase the use of these ingredients in a reduced way without impacting the need for scale for production.

About Green Mate

Pleasant in flavor and with numerous health benefits, Mate Green Tea made from the infusion of Ilex paraguariensis, has many bioactive components, such as phenolic acids, which have antioxidant properties.

Among the acids present in the mate plant, we call attention to chlorogenic acid, responsible for inhibiting the activity of hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase, and reduces oxidation of LDL and bad cholesterol, in addition to acting directly on glucose metabolism. Antioxidants' main function is to protect the body's healthy cells from diseases in which free radicals are implicated.


Using powdered Mate in coffee capsules (compatible with Nespresso), we were able to create products to test the market focus and the product's growth potential. coffee + biodiversity

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